• There's a better way to win on Social Media

    Analyser PRO eliminates all assumptions and helps you design effective strategies.

    Based on real and current data obtained from the best success stories in your industry and geographic area.

  • Data Based
    Social Media

    Collecting data from social network websites and analyzing them using our exclusive tools in Analyser PRO allows you to make better business decisions.

    Proper analysis of customer sentiment provides valuable information to support marketing and customer service activities.

  • Analytics
    and Metrics

    It is not just about counting interactions, but about interpreting them correctly.

    Our Post Score system is an accurate way to identify posts with relevance and our Social ROI formula is the best way to exactly know and justify the real dollar value obtained from each action.

  • Reporting
    and Insights

    Presenting information in an easy and readable format is one of the most time-consuming tasks.

    Analyser PRO allows you to obtain detailed reports about all your Social Media activities automatically.

  • Better

    Moving in the right direction requires knowing the reaction to each communication immediately.

    Analyser PRO updates all comments and reactions in real time while our exclusive Emotions Radar accurately measures the public's perception of each topic.

    Why guess when you can KNOW?

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